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Asbury City Hall
5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1 Asbury, IA 52002

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March 18, 2018:  12:00 PM
Smash Bros Tournament


Location:  Asbury City Hall - 5290 Grand Meadow Dr., Asbury.


The City is partnering once again with Video Games ETC!  to bring you another Smash Brothers video game tournament!  The tournament will take place in City Hall’s Programming Room.  We’re adding a second age bracket this year to allow more participants to join!


Video Games ETC! will run the tournament.  Prizes will be given for 1st and 2nd place in each age division.   There will also be giveaways and promotions for video gaming.  Space is limited so please call Asbury City Hall to reserve your spot.  Make sure you tell your friends to sign up too!



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