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2016 Cloie Creek Well Project

The project shall be constructed at Cloie Creek Park, so the south and west of Park Place Drive.  The improvements include construction of a 14 inch potable water well, approximately 900 feet in depth; installation of a new submersible well pump and motor, column piping and pitless adaptor, approximately 20 LF of 8 inch D.I. water main and 120 LF of 15 inch RCP storm sewer with flared end sections; installation of CABC driveway entrance, erosion control, and associated appurtenances.  


Sam's Well Drilling was awarded the bid for the project.  Work on the project will begin the week of July 31, 2017.  Workers will be clearing land and begin construction of a driveway.  Construction vehicles will be utilizing Hales Mill Lift Station access road off Autumn Drive.  


The drilling of the well will begin shortly after the beginning of August and continue for about 9 weeks.  Neighbors may hear drilling noise between these hours.  


If you have any questions, please call Asbury City Hall at 556.7106.