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Asbury City Hall
5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1 Asbury, IA 52002

Phone: (563) 556-7106
Fax: (563) 556-2001


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About Asbury

The City of Asbury was incorporated in 1933 and named after British-born Bishop Francis Asbury. Asbury is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Iowa. In 2000, the census population was 2,450, while currently the population for 2016 is 5,451.


Asbury is maintaining its general goal of bringing a high quality community where people live, learn, grow, work and play – the kind of place that people want to call “home”. Asbury values nature and open space along with safe community living, conveniently located adjacent to Dubuque, Iowa. We pride ourselves in the development of parks and trails and most recently the development of a public library. Recently, The Meadows Golf Club was acquired by the City of Asbury.


As Asbury evolves as a prospering community, visit our website for all of our news and events!