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Asbury City Hall
5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1 Asbury, IA 52002

Phone: (563) 556-7106
Fax: (563) 556-2001


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City Utilities

Asbury operates a municipal sanitary sewer system and water distribution system.  The City contracts refuse, recycling and yard waste services for all citizens.  Residents are billed monthly for these services.  For your convenience payments can be made by utilizing a monthly direct debit from your checking account, (ACH Form) placing your payment in the drop box located behind city hall, paid in person or mailed.  Billing questions may be directed to City Hall at 563-556-7106 or you may contact our Utility Billing and Accounts Payable Specialist, Peggy Thill at pthill@cityofasbury.com.  The City has also implemented e-billing.  You can now receive your city utility bill via email.  Just email info@cityofasbury.com and request ebilling.  It's so easy and sustainable!


Please notify City Hall when changes to your account occur; e.g. sell your house, extended periods of vacancy, name changes, etc.