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Fence Agreements

The City of Asbury has a "Fence Agreement" that must be signed prior to completing the construction of a fence on your property line. Please click here for a copy of the agreement.

Guidelines for Constructing a Fence on your property line:

1. All listed property owners must include their printed and signed names on the Fence Agreement.

2. Complete Addresses and Legal Descriptions for Party A and Party B properties.

3. All of the applicant's signatures must match their printed names on the Fence Agreement(s).  For example, if printed name on the Fence Agreement is John D. Doe, the signature on the Fence Agreement must also be John D. Doe.

4.  All signatures on the Fence Agreement(s) must be notarized.  Notaries are available at City Hall.

5.  In addition, before your Fence Agreement is recorded, you must submit a $30 administration fee to the City of Asbury.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 563.556.7106.