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The Hales Mill Road Reconstruction Project (north city limit south to approximately Brick Mason Lane) is again moving forward.  Originally the City proposed to do the project jointly with Dubuque County.  Federal funding guidelines required that the County and the City conduct archaeological survey for the proposed roadway alignment. The survey found multiple archaeological sites along the proposed alignment and the mitigation for these sites were very costly.  Ultimately, the County made the decision not to move forward with their portion of Hales Mill Road.  The City of Asbury's portion of roadway stayed on its existing alignment and no undisturbed archaeological sites were encountered. The City has secured funding for the Asbury section of Hales Mill Road and is beginning to get the project back on track.


The City of Asbury continues to work with WHKS to commence the construction of the Hales Mill Road Reconstruction Project.  Hales Mill Road will be closed to through traffic beginning March 26, 2018 between Brick Mason Lane and the north Park Place entrance for road reconstruction until approximately June 22, 2018.


Motorists residing south of the project or visiting south of hte project will need to use Asbury Road and Hales Mill Road.  Motorists residing or visiting the north side of the project will need to use Derby Grange Road and Hales Mill Road.  A suggested route map is available here.  Thru traffic will not be allowed through the construction site and violators will be fined $195.00.  If you have any questions, please contact City Hall or email info@cityofasbury.com.


Update - April 13, 2018

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