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Asbury City Hall
5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1 Asbury, IA 52002

Phone: (563) 556-7106
Fax: (563) 556-2001


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The City of Asbury is continually growing which includes street and capital projects.  Our newest project is our Municipal Building Campus that will host the Dubuque County Library, Asbury Police Department and Asbury City Hall.


Part of the city's five year capital plan was for reconstruction of Sun Valley Drive (Whitetail Drive to Springreen Drive) and Sun Ridge Court in the spring of 2016.  The City of Asbury will be working with MSA Professional Services to complete the preliminary engineering phase of these streets.  


A second street project identified in the five year capital plan is Birchwood Drive.  The City will also be working with MSA Professional Services regarding preliminary engineering of this street.


The Asbury Road Reconstruction Project is coming to an end.  Updates will still continue for this project biweekly.