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Asbury City Hall
5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1 Asbury, IA 52002

Phone: (563) 556-7106
Fax: (563) 556-2001


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5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Suite 1

Asbury, IA 52002

Phone: 563.556.7106

Fax: 563.556.2001

Email:  info@cityofasbury.com

Hours:  8 AM to 5 PM




The City has a mayor-council form of government.  The City Council and Mayor represent the City as political leaders and are responsible for adoption of the city budget and determining the tax rate, enacting legislation, and general policy making decisions on behalf of the community as a whole.  The City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at City Hall, 5290 Grand Meadow Drive.  Citizens may address the council on their concerns at any meeting during the agenda item "Citizen Input." This portion of the meeting is designated for topics and concerns not on the agenda.  Comments are limited to no more than five minutes during the Citizen Input.

Agendas for meetings and other public notices are regularly posted on a bulletin board at Asbury City Hall, Casey’s General Store and Adams Pet Hospital.  You may also review the council meeting and agendas on the City website cityofasbury.com.  
The City has the following boards and commissions: Planning and Zoning Commission; Park & Recreation Board; Building Code Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Utility Board and Library Board.  Citizens interested in serving on a board or commission should contact the city administrator.




You are encouraged to use "Asbury, Iowa 52002" as your mailing address.  This is acceptable by the post office.  If you know your eight-digit zip code, using that is preferred.

If you wish to have "Asbury" included as part of your address in the telephone directory, you must call your local and long distance telephone service.

            EXAMPLE:  John Smith, 1234 Jones St., ASBURY IA 52002    555-1212




Residents who have documents that require notarization, may visit City Hall during regular business hours in person with the document and identification.  City Hall Administrative Staff are certified notaries.  No fee is charged for this service.




Asbury operates a municipal sanitary sewer system, storm water and water distribution system.  The City contracts refuse, recycling and yard waste services for all citizens.  Residents are billed monthly for these services.  For your convenience payments can be made by utilizing a monthly direct debit from your checking account (ACH FORM), placing your payment in the drop box located behind city hall, paid in person or mailed.  Billing questions may be directed to City Hall at 563.556.7106 or you may contact our Utility Billing and Accounts Payable Specialist, Peggy Thill at pthill@cityofasbury.com.

Please notify City Hall when changes to your account occur; e.g. sell your house, extended periods of vacancy, name changes, etc. 

Recycling and refuse pick-up is on Wednesday. Please have all containers, bags and bundles out by 6:00 a.m.  If you live in the Centura Court, Arrowhead and Wedgewood neighborhoods your pick up is on Friday.  If a holiday falls on a Wednesday, collection shall be made for the holiday on Saturday of the same week.  If a holiday falls on a Friday, collection shall be made for the holiday on Saturday of the same week.  The City offers recycling bins which may be picked up at City Hall during regular business hours.

Yard waste is picked up on Thursdays during the "growing" season, which is from approximately the first Thursday in April until the second Thursday in November.  If a holiday falls on a Thursday, yard waste collection shall be made on Friday of the same week.

Annual Christmas tree pick up is announced. 




Asbury residents are eligible to obtain library services from the Dubuque County Library and the Carnegie Stout Public Library.  The Dubuque County Library operates a branch in the City of Asbury located at 5290 Grand Meadow Drive.  The Asbury Library Branch phone number is 563.582.0008.



Ambulance and fire protection services are provided to the city by means of a contract with the Asbury Community Fire Department, 5485 Saratoga Road.  Calls for services are provided by the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office through a centralized county dispatch system. 

The fire department is a volunteer non-profit organization that was started in 1957 and is governed by a Board of Directors.  Memberships are available to citizens.  Approximately thirty volunteer firefighters respond to emergency calls in Asbury and the surrounding area.  The ambulance service provides paramedic advanced life support and is equipped with rescue equipment.

You should call the fire station at 556-5874 for questions or additional information concerning memberships or becoming a volunteer.

            To Report a Fire or Emergency           911

            Fire Station Non-Emergency              556-5874




City zoning ordinance requires a permit to be issued before buildings or structures are built.  Permits are required for additions to your house, garages, patios, sheds, swimming pools, fences, etc.  Call the zoning administrator at City Hall regarding questions and permit information.



City building code requires a permit before work begins.  Separate permits are required for electrical, plumbing and mechanical work.  Please be sure to check zoning regulations before you submit plans to ensure you are able to build.  Most residential plans will be reviewed within one week of application, subject to the workload of the Inspector.  Failure to submit all information required will result in delays in the plan review and permit issuance process. 



Before any cutting, breaking, disturbing, modifying or excavating of public streets, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, alleys or public property is begun, contact the city clerk’s office regarding permit information and requirements.


Dog Bites:
The owner of any dog, cat or other animal which has bitten or attacked a person, or any person having knowledge of the bite or attack, should be reported to the Asbury Police Department.


It is unlawful for any owner to allow dogs, cats or any other animals to run at large within the corporate limits of the City. Any animal at large may be impounded. For more information contact the Asbury Police Department.

Dead Animals:
The City of Asbury will remove dead animals from the streets and right-of-ways.
Dogs are not allowed in city parks or on trails in Asbury.  If you walk your dog, please pick up after them.




The City does not allow boats, campers, trailers or RV’s to be stored in your driveway for more than 48 hours.



When a snow emergency is declared in the City, all vehicles are required to be moved off the street during snow removal until the streets are cleared.  This enables city crews to remove snow in the most efficient manner.  Vehicles that are not removed will receive parking tickets and the vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.  Blowing and shoveling snow into the street from private property is not permitted.  Please help keep our streets clear and be courteous to your neighbors.  Also please shovel out nearby fire hydrants and mail boxes.




Residents of Asbury vote at Asbury City Hall located at 5290 Grand Meadow Drive and the Meadows Golf Course Clubhouse located at 6525 Clover Lane.

Residents may register in person to vote at the Dubuque County Auditor’s Office prior to the election or at the voting site the day of the election.  The county auditor’s office is located in the Dubuque County Courthouse at Seventh Street and Central Avenue in Dubuque.  Further information about registering to vote can be obtained by calling the election offices of Dubuque County at 563-589-4457.  Registration is available by mail, but must be done 25 days before an election.  



Dubuque serves as a medical center for the tri-state region, with two hospitals, independent nursing services and several clinics.

The nearest hospitals are located in Dubuque.  Unity Point Health Center is located at Grandview Ave. and Delhi Streets.  Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque is located on Mercy Drive.

About 145 surgeons, specialists, and general practitioners divide their time between the medical facilities.

The Unity Point Hospital is a general hospital with special units including the Wendt Regional Cancer Center and the Summit Health Center for Older Adults.  Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque is also a general hospital with special units including a neonatal intensive care unit and in-patient and out patient substance abuse and mental health services.  Both hospitals are classified as Level II Trauma Centers with physician staffed emergency rooms 24 hours a day.  Both hospitals also provide obstetrics, orthopedics, intensive care, skilled nursing, pediatrics, cardiac care, and physical rehabilitation services. 



Asbury belongs to the Dubuque Community School District.  Children attend various public or parochial schools in Dubuque.  Parents should contact either the Dubuque Community District office at 588-5100 or the parochial school of your choice regarding which school your children will attend.  Information regarding busing can be obtained by calling the transportation department at 588-8300.  Higher educational opportunities are available at the University of Dubuque, Clarke College, Loras College, or Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta.



There are numerous churches in the area.  Consult the telephone directory for a complete listing of names and addresses.





Electricity: Alliant Energy
8000 Chavenelle Rd, Dubuque
Gas: Black Hills Corporation
1015 Cedar Cross Rd, Dubuque
Sewer, Water and Refuse: City of Asbury
5290 Grand Meadow Drive