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Wedgewood Pond Rehabilitation Re-Bid Project

The Asbury City Council has identified the Wedgwood Pond as a project for this fiscal year.   The improvements to be constructed in connection with the Project shall generally consist of dredging, re-shaping of existing berm, and full rehabilitation of Wedgewood Pond including a bentonite curtain wall, bentonite berm facing, and the addition of a pre-treatment area.  The pond will have a rehabilitated berm with an overflow spillway, along with an outlet structure and outlet pipe. The pond will have a 6' wide seeded trail around the perimeter and will connect to Doral Drive with alternate bids for concrete pavement, temporary erosion control, and turf restoration.  The pond will also include a small parking area along Doral Drive.


Click here for the bid notice.  The bid was awarded to McDermott Excavating.  Work will start in the Fall of 2017.