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Hales Mill Road Detour Change


Horsfield Construction is making progress on the Hales Mill Road Reconstruction Project (north city limit south to approximately Brick Mason Lane). With the work that has been completed on the project, access to neighborhoods will be changing beginning at noon on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Motorists residing south of the project or visiting south of the project will need to use Asbury Road and Hales Hill Road. This includes the neighborhoods of Sun Valley and Park Place. An access lane will be available to the Park Place subdivision south entrance. The North entrance to Park Place will be closed.

Motorists residing or visiting the north side of the project will need to use Derby Grange Road and Hales Mill Road. This includes the neighborhoods of Brook Haven, Sagewood and Woodmoor.

Thru traffic will not be allowed through the construction site and violators will be fined $195.

If you have questions regarding the closure/detour or would like to receive weekly projects updates email info@cityofasbury.com or call City Hall at 556-7106. Please note: All future communication will be via email, website and FACEBOOK. Closure dates/times are estimates and are subject to change without notification based on weather and contractor schedules.



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