Cloie Creek Streambank Stabilization

Cloie Creek Streambank Stabilization
Stream in sunlightNotice of Construction:

Preliminary work will begin for the Cloie Creek Streambank Stabilization project within the coming weeks. MSA Surveyors plan to be on site Thursday, December 19th, to stake the project limits. The Surveyors also intend to mark some trees with pink ribbon. Trees located within the project limits and marked with pink ribbon will not be removed during the clearing and grubbing phase. Any other trees or shrubs located within the project limits will be removed.

You may see contractors on site reviewing the project location before bidding takes place in January. As of now, the City intends to award the project sometime in mid-January, and construction would likely begin shortly thereafter.

The clearing and grubbing phase will occur sometime between mid-January to the end of March, with work on the streambank likely to begin sometime in the Spring. The streambank stabilization work will include some minor grading of locations along the stream, and the installation of various erosion and sedimentation control measures. The exhibit on the next page illustrates a project overview, and the locations that will be impacted.

The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of May, 2020. If you have any project related questions, please feel free to contact Beth Bonz at Asbury City Hall (563) 556-7106, or Nate Stevenson with MSA (563) 581-5722.

View the full notice and project map here