Proposed Asbury Road Realignment

Proposed Asbury Road and Hales Mill Road Intersection Realignment

The City of Asbury has contracted with MSA Professional Survey to conduct a traffic study that includes traffic counts, video data collection, traffic modeling and analysis.  The result of this work is the 2019 Asbury Road Traffic Study, which analyzed existing conditions, and proposed alternate intersection alignment options for Radford Road, mid block and Hales Mill Road, as well as proposed short term and long term alternatives.  The City Council accepted the Asbury Road Corridor Traffic Study at the February 11, 2020 City Council meeting and continued to explore road alignment options and cost alternatives. 

The City held a public input session on the alternatives on November 24, 2020 and took input from residents on this study.

The City Council reviewed alternatives and costs for the realignment of the Radford Road and Hales Mill Road intersections at the February 9, 2021 meeting with Ben Wilkenson and Jake Huck of MSA Professional Services.  After reviewing the pros and cons of three options, the City Council selected the option to proceed with a two lane roundabout at the existing Hales Mill and Asbury Road intersection and re-alignment of Radford Road to the same location.   (Map)

The planning for the construction of this project will now be taken into consideration in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Please direct your questions or concerns to [email protected].