Are you a snow bird?

Are you a Snow Bird?

Citizens that are headed out of town for the winter are reminded that the City Council amended  the ordinance regarding utility vacancy rates.  Please fill out the Sewer Vacancy Form located on the City’s website.  

The credit may be granted for single family homes/multi-family dwellings and commercial businesses based on the following terms:

A Sewer Vacancy Form is received from the customer.

Payment is current of most recent utility bill.

Property is vacant for the entirety of two months and vacancy is only given for a maximum of 6 months.

The Vacancy Service Credit per month is $25.00.

The Vacancy Credit will be applied upon submission of the Sewer Vacancy Form and applied to the next billing cycle. 

In addition, when setting up your vacancy rate, you may sign up for a Home Watch Form our Police Department.  The Police will monitor your home and watch for any suspicious activity.  If you have any questions regarding leaving, please contact City Hall at 563.556.7106 or [email protected]