City of Asbury Utility Fees

City of Asbury Utility Fees

The City of Asbury City Council is considering increases to utility fees as part of the FY 2024 Budget Plan.  The proposed utility rate increase for the fiscal year that starts July 1 would result in a $4 increase in the average monthly utility bill of Asbury residents using city utilities or 14 cents per day.  The City Council is considering the second reading of the ordinance to increase the utility rates at the February 28, 2023 City Council meeting.

Of course, no one likes to see a rate increase, however given the inflationary pressures of general goods and services, raises to retain employees and capital improvement efforts, the City at this time needs to consider raising rates to keep pace and maintain a stable financial outlook for the utilities.

The sanitary sewer rate and stormwater rates were last increased in FY 2017 when the base rate for the sanitary sewer was raised from $36.50 to the current $37.50.  The stormwater rate was increased from $6 to $7 at the same time.  The refuse and recycling rate was increased in FY 2023 from $10.75 to $11.50. 

It is a continuing priority for the City Council to review utility rates annually and set appropriated utility rates.