Cloie Creek Trail Construction

Cloie Creek Trail Construction
Trail mapThe construction of the Cloie Creek Trail began this week with tree removal process.  Midwest Concrete intends to have crews on site the remainder of this week to chip trees and clean up trees that have been cut down.  Midwest Concrete will also have crews on site as early as next week to begin setting some box culvert structures for two trail stream crossing locations.  

Other heavy construction will likely begin the end of March or early  April.  This work will include installation of storm sewer piping and culvert structures, trail excavation and stone subbase placement and the concrete trail installation.  Construction is anticipated to be done at the end of May.  

At times, during construction there will be periods of no access or limited access to Maple Hills Park facilities, amenities and the neighboring mountain bike trails near Cloie Creek Park and the Hales Mill Lift Station.  

Over the next few weeks, you may notice markings and flagging for existing public and private utilities, these markings are used to identify utility conflicts and warn the Contractor to the presence of underground lines or piping.  For residents living in the project corridor, please use caution when near the construction zone as there will be some debris, equipment and personnel working at various times during the day.  

If you have any questions, please contact John Krayer at MSA Professional Services at 563.580.5669.