Hales Mill Road Closure

Hales Mill Road Closure
Road Closed


The anticipated reconstruction of Hales Mill Road is set to begin the week of March 27, 2023. The project area is from Asbury Road to north of Brick Mason Lane. Eastern Iowa Excavating & Concrete out of Cascade, IA intends to have crews on site Wednesday (March 29) next week to begin mobilization of equipment and materials to the project site. Sanitary sewer installation is also set to commence next week, starting near the northern end of the project near Autumn Drive.

In the coming days and for the duration of the project, you will notice markings and flagging for existing public and private utilities. These markings are used to identify utility conflicts and warn the Contractor to the presence of underground lines or piping. Please leave these utility markings and flags in place and undisturbed. If you have questions regarding the utility markings, please contact Nate Stevenson with MSA (563)-581-5722.

MSA surveyors plan to be on site early next week to set construction stakes prior to work beginning on Wednesday. The stakes that are placed by the survey crew provide important information to the construction crews, so we ask that residents please refrain from moving or damaging survey stakes during the entire length of the project.

Throughout construction, there may be short and unplanned interruptions to your water service. Sometimes during construction of new utilities, existing water lines are unintentionally damaged. If this occurs, the Contractor will repair the damaged lines as quickly as possible to restore service.

For residents living in the project corridor, please use caution when traveling through the construction zone as there will be debris, equipment, stored construction materials along the roadway, and personnel working at various times of the day.

In the near future, you will be receiving correspondence from the U.S. Postal Service and/or Eastern Iowa Excavating regarding the placement of temporary mailbox stations for affected residents. The USPS will make the ultimate decision for temporary and final mailbox placement, and will inform residents about the specifics.

Hales Mill Road will be closed to all thru traffic. Only residents with driveways in the closed area and emergency service vehicles will be allowed on the closed street. Please follow construction and detour signage for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Thru traffic will not be allowed through the construction site and violators will be fined $195.

This project will challenge Asbury residents and many others who use this local roadway daily. Your patience is appreciated as Eastern Iowa Excavating, the City of Asbury, and MSA work together for a successful and timely completion of this much needed project. Please take time to be extra cautious when near the construction zone, there may be a number of crews from multiple companies working at any given time.

Weekly updates are posted to the City’s website www.cityofasbury.com and can be emailed to you upon your request – please provide your email address to [email protected] or [email protected] . In addition, please feel free to contact Nate Stevenson with MSA or Asbury City Hall during construction if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.