Fence Requirements


The following are guidelines for Fences, Walls and Hedges.

1. No fence shall be permitted in any front yard. 

2. No continuous planting over three feet in height shall be permited in any front yard.

3. No fence or continuous planting shall be permitted within twenty-five feet of any corner lot street line intersection which would impair the sight distance of the operator of a motor vehicle.

4. No fence which exceeds 6' in height will be permitted.
Fence with flowers
5. Fences shall be constructed of material commonly used for landscape fencing, such as masonry block, lumber or chain link. Fencing material of corrugated sheet metal, barbed wire, salvaged material or electrified are not permitted.

6. The frame of a fence, including posts and supports shall be placed on the inside of the fence. Fencing shall be constructed with the finished side facing outward.

7. Fences and continous plantings are required to be placed no closer than 5 feet from the property line. The setback may be waived if a common fence agreement is filed and recorded. (See below)

8. Fences and continuous plantings are required to be placed no closer than 2 feet from an access easement or right of way unless the following restrictive covenant is placed on the face of the property deed and recorded in the Dubuque County Recorders Office in which said fencing may be placed within zero feet of a right of way or access easement but not within.


Click here for a diagram of the Interior Lot Authorized Fence Location. 

Click here
for a diagram of a Corner Lot Authorized Fence Location.

Building on the Lot Line

The City of Asbury has a "Fence Agreement" that must be signed prior to completing the construction of a fence on your property line. Please only print the fence agreement single-sided.

Click here for a copy of the agreement. 

Please make sure to review the guidelines for constructing a fence on your property line.  This agreement will need to be signed by the homeowner constructing the fence and also any neighboring property owners who share the lot line on which the fence is to be constructed. Fences that are constructed five (5) feet or more inside the property lines do not require a signed Fence Agreement. 

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