Recycling pick-up for most addresses in Asbury will be on Wednesdays.   If you live in the Centura Court, Arrowhead, Wedgewood, Legacy Heights or Tuscany Ridge neighborhoods your pick up is on Friday. 

A 65 gallon container will be provided for each residence.  This brown container has a yellow lid and is to be used for recycling only.  This container is marked with a serial number and must remain with the property it is assigned to.  Please make sure the container is 2 feet away from any other containers and do not place it near a parked car, pole , mailbox or tree.  Place the container curbside by 6 a.m.  When snow is present place on a cleared, flat area.  Any extra recycling can be taken to Dittmer Recycling, 1755 Radford Road, Dubuque, Iowa.  


Here is a list of recyclables that we will accept. If the item is not on the list below we WILL NOT ACCEPT the item. Thank you for your help and cooperation. It will be greatly appreciated.  A glass recycling dumpster is located at Hy-Vee, Asbury Plaza in the parking lot.  

NEWSPAPER  Only clean and dry newspaper will be accepted. No plastic wrap. 
MAGAZINES  Only clean and dry magazines, catalogs and brochures will be accepted. No plastic wrap.
CORRUGATED PAPER  Only clean and dry corrugated cardboard and brown paper grocery bags will be accepted. Waxed cardboard and food contaminated cardboard are not accepted.
MIXED PAPER  Home and office paper such as photocopies, junk mail, colored paper, fax paper school paper, file folders, paperback and hard cover books and puzzle books are accepted.
ALUMINUM  Aluminum cans only.
TIN CANS  All clean tin cans are accepted.
PLASTIC CONTAINERS  Only plastic jugs, bottles and containers that have a #1 -5 and # 7 in the recycling symbol will be accepted. This symbol can be usually found on the bottom of the container.