Bid Notices


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Sealed proposals will be received at City Hall, located at 5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Asbury, Iowa 52002, until 9:00 a.m. July 31, 2024 for the Asbury Sludge Removal 2024. All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at that time.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: The City Council of the City of Asbury will conduct a public hearing on the plans, specifications, form of contract, and estimate of cost for the construction of the above-described improvements on July 23, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at Asbury City Hall, located at 5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Asbury, Iowa 52002. Any interested person may appear and file objections to the proposed plans, specifications or contract. After hearing objections, the City of Asbury, shall by resolution, enter its decision on the plans, specifications and contract.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: On August 13, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at Asbury City Hall, Asbury, Iowa, the City Council of the City of Asbury shall consider the construction bids received and either award a contract, reject all bids, or adjourn action theron to a subsequent meeting of the City Council.
The work for which bids are asked includes the following: Removal of wastewater sludge from the City of Asbury Wastewater Treatment Facility’s sludge lagoon located at 6200 Willow Wood Drive, Asbury, IA 52002 and offsite disposal in accordance with applicable regulations.
Effective July 1, 2010, per Senate File 2389 Iowa Code Chapter 26.3, paper copies of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the office of MSA Professional Services, 400 Ice Harbor Drive, Suite 110, Dubuque, Iowa 52001 upon receipt of a refundable deposit fee of $75.00 for half size (11” x 17”) sets of plans. Any plan holder upon returning the BIDDING DOCUMENTS within 14 days after award of the project and in good condition will be refunded their deposit. Mailing costs for paper copies will be paid for by the requestor.
Additionally, copies of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS are available at QuestCDN Vbid system requires Bidders to purchase BIDDING DOCUMENTS from QuestCDN. You may download the digital plan documents by inputting Quest eBidDoc #9207341 on the website’s Project Search page. Please contact QuestCDN at 952-233-1632 or [email protected] for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with the digital project information.

Each BIDDER shall accompany its bid with a bid security as security that the successful BIDDER will enter into a contract for the work bid upon and will furnish after the award of CONTRACT a corporate surety bond, acceptable to the OWNER, for the faithful performance of the CONTRACT, in an amount equal to 100 percent of the amount of the CONTRACT. The bid security shall be in the amount of 5% and shall be in the form of a cashier’s check, or certified check drawn on a state chartered or federally charted bank, or a certified share draft drawn on a state-chartered or federally chartered credit union. The Bid Bond shall contain no exceptions.
By virtue of Statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa Domestic Labor, to the extent lawfully required under Iowa statutes.

OWNER is designated a Tax Exempt Entity. As such, CONTRACTOR, and any subcontractors, under this contract, shall be provided a Tax Exempt Certificate and authorization letter from the OWNER. Tax Exempt certificate and authorization letter shall be used by CONTRACTOR to secure building materials or equipment intended for completion of this project without payment of sales tax. CONTRACTOR is not mandated to complete Iowa Department of Revenue Form 35002 – Iowa Contractor’s Statement upon execution of agreement. CONTRACTOR agrees to this method of sales tax exemption and it shall not be modified during the course of construction.
BIDDER shall satisfy themselves of the accuracy of the estimated quantities in the BID schedule by examination of the site and review of the contract documents; including ADDENDA. After BIDS have been submitted, the BIDDER shall not assert that there was a misunderstanding concerning the quantities of WORK or nature of the WORK to be done.
The successful BIDDER shall be required to furnish a performance BOND and a payment BOND, each in the amount of 100 percent of the CONTRACT PRICE, with a corporate surety approved by the OWNER, within ten (10) calendar days of the date when the NOTICE OF AWARD is delivered to the BIDDER. The NOTICE OF AWARD shall be accompanied by the necessary AGREEMENT and BOND forms. In case of failure of the BIDDER to execute the AGREEMENT, the OWNER may at his option consider the BIDDER in default, in which case the BID BOND shall become property of the OWNER.

BIDDERS must indicate on the BID form the proposed equipment and subcontractors who will be performing the major portions of the work.
No BID submitted by any BIDDER which contains a condition or qualification shall be recognized or accepted by the OWNER and any letter or communication accompanying the BID which contains a condition or qualification upon the BID which has the effect of qualifying or modifying any provision of the contract documents in any manner will be construed as a qualifying BID and will be rejected by the OWNER as non responsive.
No bidder may withdraw his bid within 60 days after the actual date of the opening thereof.
All work will commence following the issuance of a written notice to proceed. The work will be substantially completed on or before December 1, 2024 and ready for final payment in accordance with Paragraph 15.06 of the General Conditions on or before December 15, 2024.
Owner reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids.
Published by the authority of the City of Asbury.
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