Yard Waste


Yard waste is picked up on Thursdays during the "growing" season, which is from approximately the first Thursday in April until the third Thursday in November. If a holiday falls on a Thursday, yard waste collection shall be made on Saturday of the same week.  The City offers an annual Yard Waste Tag for purchase for one container and the cost is $50.00.

Please have all containers and bundles out by 6:00 a.m.


Yard waste must be in a refuse container without a plastic bag. Each container must be placed at curbside with a tag facing the street on the regular collection day. (Thursday) Yard Waste tags can be purchased at City Hall, Casey's General Store on Asbury RD, and Blaine’s Farm and Fleet.

Yard waste is vegetation (plants) only.   Vegetation includes plants, tomato vines, leaves and twigs.  Yard waste does not include; soil, rocks, food waste, fruits, vegetables, nuts, pine cones, or lumber. 

A yard waste container is a receptacle with a capacity of greater than 9 gallons but not greater than 32 gallons constructed of plastic or galvanized metal, and having a tight-fitting lid capable of preventing entrance into the container by vermin. The mouth of the container shall have a diameter greater than or equal to that of the base. The weight of the container and its contents cannot exceed 40 pounds.

Bundles shall mean trees, shrubs, and brush trimmings securely tied with a string or rope, together forming an easily handled package not exceeding 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter or 40 lbs in weight.

The City offers four free yard waste pick ups:  the first two Thursdays in April and the last two pick ups in November.  Normal guidelines for yard waste must be followed.  There is a limit of 10 bags for each free Thursday pick up.

Christmas tree pick up is announced annually.