Refuse Pick Up Days

Refuse pick-up is on Wednesday for most of the Asbury community.

Refuse pick up is on Friday if you live in the Centura Court, Arrowhead, Wedgewood, Legacy Heights or Tuscany Ridge neighborhoods.  

What is Pay as you Throw?

Pay as you Throw is intended to support and promote waste prevention and recycling.  This program was mandated by the State of Iowa.  In the City of Asbury, property owners are allowed one can or bag of garbage per weekly pick up. Any additional can(s) or bag(s) must have a garbage tag attached. 

Garbage tags for additional cans or bags may be purchased at Casey's General Store on Asbury Road or Asbury City Hall for $1.25 each.  One tag shall be good for one (1) additional container of garbage. Please set your refuse and recycling curbside by 6 a.m. on your pick up day.

The definition of a can is: A container that is no larger than 33 gallons and weighs no more than 40 pounds when filled: a water tight, rodent and vermin proof container for temporary storage of solid waste, made substantially or galvanized material or other non-rusting material, equipped with a handled tight fitting cover and of a size which may be conveniently handled by a collector.